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industrial and manufacturing photography
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Industrial and manufacturing photography almost always begins with traveling to a location to scout the big spaces with the large equipment.  And from there you would be working out which parts of 100 yards longs warehouses and manufacturing and assembly and production lines and manufacturing areas would convey the messages and ideas and services that the client wishes share at the trade shows and in the promotional materials and on the web site and social media.  On such a large scale effort its best to identify the end-product and content by first identifying the message you wish to convey.  It could be simple and it could be complex.  Next would be to identify and locate resources  for the required shot elements.  The plan is- and becomes- your viable consensus and the execution is bringing all your hero images to life!

At the outset I consider 4 items: Message / Resource / Plan / Execution

Message – conveyed via visual content

Resources – required shot elements

Planning – a viable consensus

Execution – bringing the images to life 



WCIS in Lebanon Oregon, a lumber milling equipment manufacturing company requested that I tell their big story about re-fitting and rehabbing re-purposed equipment into existing and new lines of production. They have clients throughout the country.  The equipment and machines are multi-stepped integrated with many, many stations.  With exteriors and interiors alike my goal was to get back – get up tall or get up in the air and shoot panoramic views and mini panoramas.  There were various solutions at the various locations from helicopter aerials to scissors lifts and basic a-frame ladders.  A narrow field of view panorama preserves the scale and often puts the perspective lines of convergence just above the horizon.  Oh clearly you must be thinking … that’s the illustration method and technique.  Yes it is and we can use it in industrial photography and panorama photography too.

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