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Product photography for advertising and marketing might be divided into two categories.  Products photographed on a plain surface or background and products photographed in an environment or in a setting with props in the studio or on location.

Marketing photography results come from the initial steps and choices. Those will be around the lighting and the styling, settings, props and the angles of view of the products. I like a longer lens like a 100 macro, maybe with an extension tube, and then consider my point of view that works best for the items. Setting up the view from a low angle and coming in tight with a long lens will help the product appear more ‘heroic’ and impressive. Important because we are in tight and looking up.  Subtle distinctions that may not be apparent in the final result but are ‘seen’ subconsciously by our consumer nonetheless. Other lens selections, for the other approaches to location and studio shots  will be based on where and how you want the product photography to appear when you are complete. Think heroic and out in front as a good general guide. 



Lighting is next and we are all familiar with light modifiers such as umbrellas and light boxes and even lighting tents.  I prefer to have the freedom to move my source lights at any angle of direction, behind the diffuser, that I choose. And typically choosing in my experiences to be placed coming in from the most flattering directions.  I use scrims with either a full soft diffusion or what is commonly called a shower curtain, which is much thinner.  Now I can load-up the front of the set with my lights and they will cover the whole front of the product and still appear to have a single side-source.  For taller items and bigger sets I might use the translum diffusion because it ‘hides’ the light sources, removing any unwanted bright spots on the glass surfaces.  

Showing the product with good lens choices and good setting choices and with good lighting in whichever environments provides the target customer with a result that illustrates and reinforces the utility and benefit of the product. All along pay attention to the details helps create an emotional foundation for the consumer for buying, enjoying and using the product.

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