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Hoodoo Ski Area Winter Carnival

Well crafted and outstanding social media, public relations and editorial photography could be considered long lasting and useful resources and the valuable component parts of image libraries and narratives for most companies, firms and corporations, large and small.  Most SM, PR and Editorial assignments will be given to the photographer without much direction other than a few specifics, such as, get that person or product -front and center- down-in-front and all the rest, environments, wardrobe, accessories, place and time of day left to the preference, discretion and effort levels of the image maker.  But why wouldn’t you consider to have an entire library of photography for your social media, public relations and editorial photograph posting and home pages. In one or two shoot and with some strategic upfront planning you could end up with s couple of dozen great shots that would keep your posting and home pages fresh for about two or more years. 




My strong approach is one from a commercial photography background and point of view.  Most often times this includes meeting and interviewing the subject and scouting the locations in advance.  The planning and prepping can then be divided up for both sides – photographer and subject.  Getting boots on the ground, standing toe-to-toe and chin-to-chin in advance of the photo shoot is by far the best way to assure superior results because at this point we both have invested 20 or 30 minutes or longer in discussing resources and outcomes.  Perhaps work needs to stop in one part of the business or shop while we move in with our lights and gear.  That is not the kind of info you want to drop on a business man or woman unexpectedly.   Other times we will be looking to have the subject drive to a previously scouted location and we would like them to arrive free from distractions and the busy-ness of their working day.  This is so much easier to achieve with a friendly conversation in advance covering expectations.  The outcomes and prepping are at this point well known.  Discussed and decided you are left with scheduling for the optimum freedom from distractions and that is the direct path to consistently superior results.  Can I get an amen’ on that!?

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