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architecture photography las vegas nevada
Fort Mormon – Assemblage Studio

Defining the spaces for exterior and interior architecture photography is the departure and starting point for good results.  Finding and exploring those compositions and arrangements, moving the camera or the furniture a few inches or a few yards can help create a composition where the eye travels most easily through the image.  This is the best and most solid approach in my experience.  Also there is the understanding that there may be preferences and variations due to the season and the time of day or year.  These are all components of the skill and knowledge that the photographer brings to the assignment.  Colors and the balance of light and dark in the composition, the textures and surfaces all will play their part in representing the details and essences that have been structurally designed by the architect and aesthetically and spatially enhanced and by the expertise of the interior designers. 



Photographing superior interior design is about showing the welcoming and livable spaces while at the same time addressing functionality and aesthetics.  One could say that the photographer’s responsibility is to be true to the interior, loyal to the spaces and functions and dedicated to bringing it all together with his tools which are essentially lighting and lenses and where we place the camera.

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