BTS- Behind the Scenes Photography

LightSpeed Aviation
LightSpeed Aviation on Location Hillsboro OR

BTS – or Behind the Scenes Photography production stills offer a ‘behind the lens’ look at studio and location assignments. The finished product often appears deceptively simple to create, but the reality of it is that a lot of time, planning and sophisticated equipment are needed to achieve these outcomes. When you are making images that you hope that they will last a couple of years, or even a decade.  It’s useful to see that good photographic tools and resources have been provided for photo shoots.  I am delighted to share information about how I work.  Kafka may not have been a photographer, but he nailed it when he said, “Better to have it, and not need it, then to need it, and not have it.”  




behind the scenes photographyOn my shoots you will see that I have adopted several motion picture types of light modifiers.  I am referring to my scrims which are 4’ x 4’ frames that are matched with diffusion material.  I have thick diffusion for spreading out highlights and I have thin diffusion scrims for creating graduating and spreading highlights.  Another piece of equipment that you will see on my sets are ladders.  To provide a higher angle of view which is above normal human eye level is a tremendous way to add interest, perspective and also a way to give the viewer of the image a safe and high point of view.  I call it the omniscient point of view.

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