Trade Show & Event Photography

Trade Show and event photography las vegas
Perg Esta Panel Discussion at NAB 2019

Trade Show and event photography has a unique and special place with the business meetings and conventions held and hosted in Las Vegas Nevada.  So many of the Las Vegas Strip and resort corridor visitors are here in town to attend a trade show.  With their excellent booths, trade show floor displays and the various events and social gatherings surrounding them there is a large corporate interest in documenting those set ups.  The experiences and the personnel and booths and the special events that surround them are all part of a unique corporate experience and presence.  I am one of those photographers that enjoys seeing all the special guests and visitors and the science and business innovations that debut here throughout the year. 




The best reasons to document your trade show booth and events are that they are so very enticing, designed to be that way with vibrant with graphics and amazing demos presentations and so many other activities.  It could be clearly considered a target rich environment.  Capturing your trade show exhibits and events will go a long way with your corporate social media needs, your public relations efforts and will likely end up in a useful library of images that will document your track record of business and dedication to your industry.

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