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Advertising and Marketing Photography
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Commercial with Advertising and marketing photography as well as commercial projects are oftentimes a complex blend of concept, art direction, planning, preparation, and execution. Whether it’s in the studio or on location it is certainly where creativity and budgets meet photographic skills and muscles.  It’s about being thoughtful, premeditated and on point and on message, and under budget.  Then it’s preparing and embracing the expected and the unexpected.  What’s great about today’s camera tethered technology is that everyone on the team knows what we’ve captured, we can confirm and verify the shot elements on the laptop.  We move forward with absolute confidence before we strike the set or move on to the next location or the next shot



The essential elements and goals of advertising and marketing photography are to capture a mood, inspire an emotion or feeling, tell a story, or even capturing a dream. It’s relating to the viewer and client with honesty and authenticity.  Joy, happiness, marvel, elegance, family, love, care, compassion any one of these and a dozen or so other emotions might be selected to be wrapped up in the ingredients and recipe of a photoshoot.  The goal is to tell a story, in one still photographic frame about and around a client’s service or product.  It is a great way to work.  A way that requires solid vision, creative direction, and consensus all combined with the necessary shot elements that ultimately bring the images to life.  

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