LightSpeed Aviation

LightSpeed Aviation

“Despite the short lead time and the demands of taking pictures in small cockpits, the shoot went exceptionally well and the images can be found in ads and marketing material around the world. If you are looking for a top-notch photographer that can work in unique environments while under great pressure—and do so  with grace—

… I recommend calling Dave.”

Dave’s Notes

The first professional photo shoot that I did with LightSpeed Aviation started with a phone call that I received on a Tuesday. By Wednesday we had the location, photography team, talent, and the aircraft equipment all ready to go. Ed Hansen is an experienced creative director and writer and he was an excellent art director on the shoot. In a single, albeit long day, we executed 4 primary set-ups and each with 2 or more variations. The collaboration we shared and breadth and depth of our experiences allowed us to proceed efficiently as we methodically art directed several very strong advertising images. It was a very successful location photo shoot.

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